Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Panel: Technology as an Enabler – Explore how Companies/ Innovations are Using Tools and Data to Take Action on Diversity

3:00 - 3:30 pm

Panelist: Lorraine Hariton, CEO, Catalyst, Elizabeth Pollitzer, founder, Global Gender Summit, Stefanie Veraghtert, founder, The Big C, Hilary Thomas, chief medical adviser, KPMG
Moderator: Jerry Pico, senior director, L&D, Daiichi Sankyo

Lorraine Hariton, CEO, Catalyst 
Lorraine Hariton is president and CEO of Catalyst, a global nonprofit working with some of the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies to help build workplaces that work for women. Catalyst’s vision and mission have long been a passion for Lorraine and she is honored to lead the organization at this crucial time and to help write the next chapter in its 57-year legacy of accelerating positive change for women. 

Lorraine’s extensive career includes senior-level positions in Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur and executive. She began her career at IBM, has served in the Obama administration at the Department of State and developed the Global STEM Alliance at the NY Academy of Sciences. She has been involved in women’s leadership initiatives throughout her career, serving on the boards of UN Women Global Innovation Coalition for Change, the Stanford Clayman Institute for Gender Research and the Forum for Entrepreneurs and Executives. 
Lorraine is the proud mother of Glen and Laura and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren as much as possible. Lorraine holds a BS in mathematical sciences from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Elizabeth Pollitzer, founder, Global Gender Summit
My career started with training in biophysical sciences and later shifted to information and computing fields, focused especially on digitalization and human-computer interaction. I spent almost 25 years as a researcher and lecturer at Imperial College London. I am co-founder and director of Portia, a not-for-profit organization created in 2001 to advance understanding how sex-gender differences impact on research results and quality of outcomes. In 2011, I set up the Gender Summit platform for dialogue between scientists, gender scholars and policymakers.

Hilary Thomas, chief medical adviser, KPMG 
Hilary is KPMG’s chief medical adviser and a member of the Global Centre of Excellence in Healthcare and Life Sciences. Hilary works closely with many of the global big pharma companies and has led on approaches to care pathway redesign and defining value in therapeutic areas including oncology, infectious diseases, cardiovascular and immunology. She was a trustee of Breakthrough Breast Cancer and co-led the merger with Breast Cancer Campaign creating Breast Cancer Now. Her passion is working at the interface of health and life sciences to redefine approaches and business models in a world of greater patient empowerment. Prior to KPMG, Hilary spent 23 years in the NHS including as a professor of oncology at the University of Surrey, medical director of the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Jerry Pico is currently the senior director, learning and development Europe, Daiichi Sankyo Europe, where he is responsible for leading a team to design and implement a learning portfolio, leadership and top talent development programs and talent management processes to support a values-driven culture change for all employees. Prior to this current role, Jerry more than 20 years of professional experience designing and implementing both regional and global leadership, culture change and diversity and inclusion projects for leading companies in the technology, financial and professional services, life sciences, retail (FMCG) and manufacturing sectors including Allianz, Google, Wells Fargo, Swarovski and Ernst & Young. Jerry lives in Munich with his wife and 10-year-old son. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY and living for 20 years in San Francisco, CA, he has a deep appreciation for diverse peoples and cultures and brings that passionate appreciation to his work.


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