Message from HBA Seattle President – Erin Lavelle

Greetings HBA Seattle (over 220+ members strong),

I wanted to reach out to give you an update on the chapter and resources available to you, even during this time when we are all remote. As you know, we quickly had to cancel events beginning in March with the state’s orders to stay home. But, since then, we have successfully done many things remotely.   We kicked off our mentoring season; we held an HB8 dinner event via zoom (and without dinner); and, we have even onboarded a new corporate partner (Navigating Cancer) – all from the comfort of our home “offices.” And, just next week, we will resume our local programming with an event sponsored by Accenture on Digital Lab Transformation.

One very important thing I want to call out to you is that all events globally are now available to you in virtual format. You no longer need to search Seattle events. You need to select for virtual and you will find all educational content for just ~$10 (and networking for no charge). Rest assured, your Seattle team is still working to bring relevant local topics to you. But, you should be able to tap into content across all competencies with this new virtual format.

We are unsure of when we can be in person again. But, in addition to several educational programs in the months ahead, we are also going to resume HB8 events and start networking via zoom.

While our days seem busy with zoom, extra childcare and maybe even some more housework, make sure you take some time for yourself and your career and tune into some of these truly amazing events being offered by chapters all over the globe.

Stay well, and I hope to see you again soon!