Why I Volunteer Spotlight: Teresa Fantacone

Teresa Fantacone
HBA West Chester director at large marketing and communications

Day job: HR communications consultant at CSL Behring

Why I volunteer?
My mother set a great example for me in her later life when she was retired and had more time to give back. I saw the selfless joy she received when she delivered a much needed meal to a senior citizen or the disabled. I tend to be a type A volunteer, the HBA is one of three different organizations where I donate my time. The HBA is my professional development and career-based go to association. I had been a member on and off over the years and occasionally attended chapter events, the WOTY lunches and even one national meeting. What I see now as a volunteer is that I have a deeper connection to its members and regional chapters. It’s the difference between having one-off transactional relationships versus finding mentors and making professional friendships where there is true chemistry.

What do I get out of it?
How about it keeps getting better? In April, I had the opportunity to attend an HBA Regional Leadership meeting in place of our chapter vice president who had a previous engagement. Did I mention that it was on a Saturday? I saw the commitment and determination of all generations of women—some traveling nearly three hours—to spend a day together collaborating and helping each other on how to enrich the member experience. I came away with the feeling we’re all in this together as women, leaders, members and of course volunteers. A week later I still have the same selfless feeling of joy I saw my mother exhibit oh so many years ago. I don’t tell this story to scare potential volunteers off with thoughts of giving up precious time over a weekend. We have light lift volunteers and those that pitch in as needed on projects or events that have a beginning, middle and an end.  So consider enriching your membership beyond a transactional encounter to working alongside women with a common mission.