HBA West Chester Hosts a Sold Out Event Featuring Theresa Hoffman at AstraZeneca

“The Self-Aware Leader” proved to be another successful HBA West Chester event on 19 July at Astra Zeneca in Wilmington, DE. The night started with 73 healthcare professionals attending from all over the area, delicious hors d’oeuvres and high-top tables, perfect for networking.  


Anita Burell, HBA West Chester president, opened the evening by providing background on the HBA West Chester chapter. Courtney Michener Miller, global talent and development at AstraZeneca, was the event leader and shared an inspirational video about AstraZeneca before turning the stage over to guest speaker, Theresa Hoffman.


Theresa is a managing partner and co-founder of Thrive Leadership. She is an executive coach and leadership development consultant with a primary focus on human motivation and potential.  As promised, she lead an interactive workshop, titled, “The Self-Aware Leader” where the audience learned how to develop skills to strengthen emotional intelligence.  

“Leaders who lack self-awareness are 600 percent more likely to derail.” This statistic served as the framework for the evening as Theresa led the audience through a series of workshops designed to help understand why self-awareness matters, what obstacles stand in the way, and strategies for boosting self-awareness. The audience was asked to first think of an experience where someone lacked self-awareness. There was no shortage of examples here, including one that resonated with many of the “chatty” co-worker who is impossible to avoid in the workplace.  

Next, Theresa explained the two types of self-awareness that exists: internal and external. Internal is knowing what motivates you. External is knowing the impact you have on other people. Theresa encouraged the group to ask for informal feedback more often, noting that it doesn’t always have to be in a year end review, consider asking for feedback after a meeting on what went well / could have gone better?   

Last, Theresa recommended the following strategies for boosting self-awareness:

  1. Mine your strengths – focus in on what you’re good at, take strengths assessments to learn more.
  2. Come off autopilot- Get in touch with the way you think, look into Enneagram personality system to learn about your style.  
  3. Create a daily “end of the day” ritual – ask yourself 4 questions each day: what went well?  What didn’t? What did I learn?  How will I be smarter tomorrow?
  4. Strengthen your emotional intelligence – identify your common triggers and develop coping mechanisms for when you encounter them such as taking 10 deep breaths!

Through digestible content and a highly interactive session, Theresa helped the group walk away with one strategy they will commit to employing today, because “you can’t be yourself unless you know who are you are."

The evening culminated with Spark Award acknowledgements: Nicole Skiljo, Jody Nagel, and Linette Keynton were acknowledged for their leadership and commitment.   

      HBA West Chester thanks AstraZeneca for sponsoring this event, Courtney Michener Miller, for leading the collaborative between HBA West Chester and AstraZeneca, and to all the volunteers that made the event possible.